Going Electric in the Country

With a lot of the discussion surrounding the adoption of electric vehicles focusing on city and suburban life, Scotland in Motion takes a look at the case for going electric in rural Scotland. This audio feature explores the experiences of two families who live next door to each other in the village of Comrie, Perthshire.

Cathy Tilbrook and Doug Flint live in Comrie with their teenage children Ru and Kirsty. The family bought their Hyundai Kona in 2019.

Sma’ pipes player Chris Grace and husband Alan Caldwell bought their e-bikes two years ago with an interest-free loan from the Energy Saving Trust. Chris describes her e-bike experience as “life-changing”.

Working from home during lockdown means Chris uses her e-bike more often than her car these days – using it for running errands as well as longer rides purely for pleasure
With an active lifestyle, two teenagers and a dog, Cathy and Doug find their Hyundai Kona isn’t big enough to suit all their needs, so still rely on a conventionally powered estate car to fill the gaps

Photo credit: Elaine Catton

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