Stirling Park & Ride Plugs In To Solar Power

Stirling’s solar-powered low-carbon transportation hub is now up and running as part of the Electric A9. The Castleview Park & Ride facility has been transformed with the addition solar panels covering an area of 1,375 sq metres and 32 new EV charging points.

Scotland in Motion editor Elaine Catton was asked by STV News to come along and offer some insight into the significance of the new hub as part of Scotland’s transition away from fossil fuels in transportation.

The hub is part of Stirling Council’s plan to encourage a shift to electric vehicles and offers 20 dual slow chargers, aimed at commuters who leave their cars plugged in all day, 9 dual fast chargers for those visiting Stirling for two or three hours, and 3 dual rapid chargers for those in a hurry or on longer onward journeys. The rapid chargers take 20 to 25 minutes to boost charge from 20 to 80 percent.

Jonathan Comer from Motherwell has used the new solar-powered hub three times in the three weeks since it opened to the public. The driver of a plug-in hybrid has been disillusioned by the number of non-functioning charging points he has encountered. “It’s good to have a proper hub like this, with all the solar panels, that actually works,” he said.

With non-functioning chargers among the most common complaints of EV users, anticipated growth in EV sales means the pressure is to ensure not only that more facilities like Castleview come on-stream but that they also stay on-stream.

Photo credit: Elaine Catton

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