How do we keep things moving without destroying the planet?

It’s a tricky question. Scotland in Motion covers the stories that could hold a few of the answers, with features, news and chat about everything from electric vehicles to e-scooters, from car sharing to ride hailing, from batteries to hydrogen and autonomous vehicles.

The journey to Net Zero is on, and we want to know the transportation options for getting there. Some of it is about the switch to electric cars – but there’s so much more. We all depend on motorised mobility – to get us where we want to go, or to bring us what we need.

What are the options? How does it all work? How much will it cost? We talk to the people who know, the people who make the decisions, the people who are trying it for themselves.

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SiM’s Editor: Elaine Catton

Elaine Catton is a sustainable mobility journalist with more than 30 year’s experience in the automotive sector. From a background in design and powertrain, she wrote about cars and technology for trade and enthusiast publications for many years before transitioning to cover sustainable mobility topics. This shift was inspired by a growing understanding of the harm caused by motorised mobility to the climate and the environment, while nevertheless recognising the enormous benefits to social progress, wellbeing and opportunity provided by equitable access to mobility.

In addition to founding and running Scotland in Motion, Elaine also writes for other mobility and sustainability outlets as well as specialist communications agencies and publishers (mainly in Germany).

For more by and about Elaine, visit her personal website.

As Seen on TV

SiM editor Elaine Catton is also now an “expert voice” on the STV News roster. In a cooperation with industry body Women in Journalism, STV News established its Expert Voice initiative to increase the gender diversity of the experts it turns to for insight and commentary for its news coverage. So far, Elaine has been invited to speak on rising fuel prices, Glasgow’s Low-Emission Zone (LEZ) and Stirling City Council’s new low-carbon park & ride facility.