Swarco Takeover of ChargePlace Scotland Beset with Problems

The changeover of operation of Scotland’s EV charging network ChargePlace Scotland to Austrian traffic tech company Swarco eVolt has hit a number of snags in the days since the switch was flipped at 10 pm on 26 July, with EV owners complaining of difficulties with account transfer and registration as well as widespread glitches with the new ChargePlace Scotland app.

On Twitter, users shared stories of lengthy waits trying to get through to the telephone helpline, while sustainable mobility marketing expert John Curtis manned the Twitter account to address issues ranging from apparent overcharging (financial not electrical) to cards not working, to charging stations showing up in the wrong place on the app map.

There have also been communication issues and system errors that have taken charging points completely offline for up to an hour at a time, leaving users unable to charge their vehicles.

Swarco won a bid to take over operation of ChargePlace Scotland from Charge Your Car for a minimum of two years. ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national EV charging network, owned by the Scottish government and funded through a public grant from local authorities. It currently has more than 1,600 public charging points and over 25,700 members.

Photo credit: Elaine Catton

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