Under Development: Scotland in Motion

Scotland in Motion is a brand new digital media platform delivering news and features on Scotland’s dynamic sustainable mobility scene.

Covering how we use cars, bikes, buses, trains, planes and ferries powered by clean(er) energy, Scotland in Motion brings you the stories that keep you abreast of developments around the country, talks to the people trying out new forms of transport and dives into the technologies and policies behind it all.

This site is currently under development, so bear with us while we build our content.

When I say us, I mean me. Scotland in Motion is the “Major Project” element of my final submission for a Masters in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. I have been pursuing these studies part-time for the past 2.5 years in parallel with my regular job as a freelance journalist and writer in the automotive sector.

This site is the culmination of that work to expand my skills set for the modern media landscape and the digital age. It is intended to showcase a range of multimedia skills beyond my background in writing. I would be grateful for constructive feedback, so please get in touch.

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